Choosing Your Kitchen Spraying Company Please choose wisely

Choosing Your Kitchen Spraying Company

Spray painting kitchen doors and drawers is a great way to transform a tired and dated kitchen. Kitchen paint spraying is not a new service, and many new high-end kitchens are actually finished in some kind of paint from the factory, whether that be applied by hand or sprayed. What’s not so obvious to homeowners is that you can have your existing fitted kitchen refurbished to new factory level standards, without actually replacing a thing. New knobs and handles can be an option to add another fresh dimension, but simply adding a new finish and colour to the doors and drawers can transform your kitchen overnight.

Kitchen Spraying Benefits

One big positive to having your kitchen spray painted is the overall cost compared to replacement. Many people choose to have new doors and drawers fitted to their existing cupboards and units, but costs can soon add up here too, especially if you have uncommon sized drawers and doors, or a specific feature like a corner unit or built in appliances. Carpentry is a skilled labour and the costs for bespoke work can mount quickly. One question we ask, is why replace the facades at all? Even with the cheapest vinyl wrapped kitchens, the core material underneath is normally a strong and durable MDF, which is the perfect material for us to spray when done properly. Even where this core material is damaged or worn, it can easily be repaired without too much work. With older kitchens, many are solid wood or a cheaper material with some kind of veneer, again a perfect material for us to work with.

Choosing to Spray

Choosing to have your kitchen renovated by us it is a quick and easy process. You can start by sending us some information about your kitchen, like the amount of door and drawers, along with some general information about its age, condition and your location. Some photos would also be helpful as it allows us to see your kitchen and visualise the job in hand. On agreement of our quotation, we’ll work with you to book in a suitable and convenient date and time. We tend to be booked up months in advance, so please don’t be disappointed if we can’t arrange our service within a few weeks. We promise we’re worth the wait.

This leads us on to our final piece of advice; please be careful who you choose to renovate and spray your kitchen. We have quoted many customers who have ended up using a competitor, based on a marginally cheaper quotation, only to regret that decision later. One example of this can be seen in the video below, a kitchen previously sprayed by a competitor which is now in our workshops and being done again, this time properly. The paint finish on this door literally scratches away under your nail, and comes off easily with a fine 180 grit sandpaper. This is not an acceptable level of durability for a kitchen, and any standard cleaning regime would result in some kind of damage. The issues with this kitchen are mainly due to insufficient preparation, the doors and drawers not being thoroughly degreased as well as chemically and mechanically keyed prior to painting. Please, get it right the first time and don’t scrimp on getting the job done properly.

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