Hand Painting and the Drawbacks Please think first

Hand Painting and the Drawbacks

We regularly discuss hand painting with our customers, and how that compares with the kitchen spraying services we offer. Although we understand and appreciate that people sometimes want to hand paint themselves and take pride in their work (or use a competitor due to a difference in price) we would strongly advise you to think twice and compare all of the options and their quality before making your choice. More and more people are painting their own doors and drawers, using acrylic based paints specifically designed for kitchens, thinking it’s a fantastic idea to save costs and transform their room with minimal costs. However, time and time again we deal with and rectify units where specialist hand paint has been used on insufficiently prepared surfaces, the finish literally wiping off with mild detergent and slight abrasion. This standard of finish and its durability is incomparable to the factory level standards that we strive for and achieve for each and every one of our customers.

All of the specialist paint products we use are acid catalyst enamels, which go through a chemical clean, key prime, base coat and top coat. You can run anything you like over them and you are not going to fetch the paint off. Our enamel is more durable than any other paint used on the market, up to 15 times stronger than standard oil based and acrylic paints. Paint from us, newly applied by our dedicated team with specialist equipment, will transform your kitchen with an exceptionally durable finish, lasting longer and looking better than the day your units were first installed. We can paint kitchen cupboards, drawers and facings in any colour, including surfaces made from nearly any material, including hardwood, softwood, aluminium, stainless steel, glass and plastic, all prepared and finished to a factory level standard.

Kitchen Painting Experts

Please think about how you are going to repaint your kitchen. Over time, cleaners, chemicals and sanitisation products will break down any chalk, acrylic and oil based paints; nearly all the products you will find in hardware stores that are designed and sold especially for kitchen units. Most people do not understand the preparation stages which go into a kitchen before applying the finish, and that is a critical part of job we do. The level of finish, quality and durability of any paint is only as strong as the surface you’ve prepared before applying it. We guarantee that our finish will not flake, blister, crack or peel, even after 10 to 15 years of use and cleaning. This would only happen if we hadn’t prepared the surface properly. Again please think, consider all the options, and seek our advice before you make your choice.

Hand Painted Kitchens

Time and time again we deal with and rectify kitchen doors and drawers for our customers, where specialist hand paint has been applied on insufficiently prepared surfaces. In the past, we have also unfortunately redone work where our competitors haven't done the job properly the first time round. Watch the video below and don't make the same mistake with your kitchen. Trust the experts and do it properly.

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