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We are approachable, friendly and passionate about kitchens and paint spraying, and are always happy to chat to customers, partners and businesses alike about anything related to kitchen transformations, or indeed any room or item in your home or business. Our world is ever evolving, with technology at the forefront, so why not connect with us on social media, call us for a chat, or read some of our latest blogs below.

19th May 2020

Cornforth White & Off Black Kitchen

Here's a stunning kitchen spraying project we completed a few weeks back for a local customer based in Skelbrooke near Doncaster. Previously a tired solid oak kitchen, these doors, drawers and units were prepared and finished in two different tones, Cornforth White and Off Black by Farrow and Ball. We love the contrast in the colours in this kitchen; the balance between the dark marble worktops, the remaining wood and the stainless steel appliances and handles. We think it’s a great combination and the customer was thrilled with the end result. Choosing a colour for your revamped kitchen can sometimes be incredibly difficult, but don’t worry, we have thousands of photos from previous customers to help you decide, and we are happy to give you our recommendations based on the light in your room, other furnishings, your tastes and the overall desired effect.

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Kitchen Vinyl Peeling
10th May 2020

Vinyl Doors Peeling or Bubbling?

Peeling or bubbling on vinyl wrapped kitchen doors is one of the most common problems we experience when dealing with our customers and their kitchens. The peeling generally starts on the edges of the doors or drawers, before quickly spreading along the length of the panel. Kitchen manufacturers often blame these peels or bubbles on heat, moisture, steam, direct sunlight or improper use of cleaning solutions, all of which can effect the integrity of the glue beneath. Although these causes are often preventable with hindsight, by the time you notice the problem it’s generally too late and the damage is already done. In our experience, the most common areas where the vinyl tends to peel is on the floor unit doors below the kitchen sink, wall unit doors above toasters and kettles, and doors and drawers either side of the oven, where the seals start to degrade and release heat. Amongst other issues, this is one reason why vinyl wrap kitchen suppliers generally only provide a limited warranty.

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26th April 2020

Hand Painting and the Drawbacks

We regularly discuss hand painting with our customers, and how that compares with the kitchen spraying services we offer. Although we understand and appreciate that people sometimes want to hand paint themselves and take pride in their work (or use a competitor due to a difference in price) we would strongly advise you to think twice and compare all of the options and their quality before making your choice. More and more people are painting their own doors and drawers, using acrylic based paints specifically designed for kitchens, thinking it’s a fantastic idea to save costs and transform their room with minimal costs. However, time and time again we deal with and rectify units where specialist hand paint has been used on insufficiently prepared surfaces, the finish literally wiping off with mild detergent and slight abrasion. This standard of finish and its durability is incomparable to the factory level standards that we strive for and achieve for each and every one of our customers.

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