Professional Staircase Painting By Local Spraying Experts

Professional Staircase Spray Painting

Staircases are often at the heart of a home, playing an important part in the circulation between living and resting spaces. For those with a staircase in their entrance hall, that room becomes your welcome back after a long day at work, a tiring day out with the family, and everything in between. It is often one of the first features you or a guest will see when opening the door, and can be seen from most adjoining rooms in the home. Now more than ever, that staircase and the finishings around it are becoming a central part of the design focus, no longer just a route from bottom to top.

One of the quickest ways to transform a staircase and the hallways around it is simply to paint them. However, doing this properly whilst retaining the quality of the finish is actually very difficult to achieve. If you have a high quality, modern staircase, made from quality timbers or wood veneers, do you really want to be smearing that with an imperfect paint finish? The same applies to door frames and skirting boards. What at first seems a quick job, becomes a much bigger undertaking when considering the other fittings that will need painting to match. For those with older homes, your staircase may have been painted several times already, by those who don’t necessarily have the skill that you do. There is a lot to consider.

Paint Your Staircase Right

People often overlook the visuals of a staircase, but having a fresh and bright finish can really make a massive difference as you enter your home. Providing an inviting welcome and a positive first impression, any paint or lacquer used on a staircase will need to be hard wearing and durable, and ideally made for the purpose, especially on the treads and risers. We specifically tailor our paints for the purpose, to deliver the ultimate in durability and a long lasting finish. The lacquers and paints that we spray can be exposed to chemicals, heat, moisture and constant use, without discolouring or chipping, a finish extensively tested and applied in commercial settings.

If you are interested in having your staircase painted, or indeed any fixtures and fittings in your home, please contact our helpful team to discuss the options, either by phone, our contact form, online chat facility or through social media. Before then, please watch the video below to see an example of a wooden staircase, door frames and skirting we sprayed for a local customer recently. We can’t wait to see the transformed entrance once the walls are coated in their new bolder colour. As your local paint spraying experts, we are passionate about what we do, sharing that love to help transform your home.

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